Announcing partnership with Blockchain Ape

Wanaka Farm x Blockchain Ape

Welcome aboard Blockchain Ape to be Wanaka’s newest partner, the blockchain company based in Japan, developing many futuristic technologies. Blockchain ape will be our investor/partner to help us to achieve our VR/AR tech for Wanaka Farm.

About Blockchain Ape

Blockchain Ape have long-term experience in the fields of VR, blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have engaged in many projects related to blockchain and hardware in the past, and we believe that VR will be one of the main development focuses of the Internet in the future. We are also convinced that in the future VR world, more security and privacy will be needed, and this is why we integrate blockchain into the VR world to build a more secure and reliable VR environment.

With Blockchain Ape expertise, they will stand behind and support Wanaka with game development , in order to achieve Wanaka metaverse.

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Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm

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