Land Sale: 15h UTC on Sept 26th!

Hello all farmers, today is the DAY you've been waiting for! We officially announce the first Land Sale for Basic Environment at 15h UTC on Sept 26th will happen on our marketplace. LINK

Here are all the informations that you need to know before the drop.

When is the Land Sale?

Whitelist 1 and Whitelist 2

We're aware of the different timezone, we’ve decided to let you 12 hours to claim your land.

Start at 15:00 UTC, Sept 26th

End at 03:00 UTC, Sept 27th

The unclaimed lands will be sold as FCFS: 04:00 UTC, Sept 27

You can unpack your land on the marketplace at 04:00 UTC, Sept 27

For trading your packed and unpacked lands, you can list and buy your NFT on Wanaka Marketplace or Babylons Marketplace right after the sale.

Who can join?

Whitelist 1: 9000 lucky stakers have been selected. You can check if you are whitelisted here:

Whitelist 2: 5500 lucky winners from Google Form will be announced before the Sale.

1 Pack GUARANTEED for each whitelisted's wallet.

Price of a pack?

The Price of a pack will be $180 (in WANA token). You should prepare $WANA in your wallet the amount equivalent of $180.

Pack chances

Total supply: 15,000 Lands


  • Common: 62% — 9300 lands
  • Uncommon: 23% — 3450 lands
  • Rare: 9.5% — 1425 lands
  • Legendary: 4.3% — 645 lands
  • Mythical: 1% — 150 lands
  • Immortal: 0.2% — 30 lands


  • 1 season: 8%
  • 2 seasons: 60%
  • 3 seasons: 24%
  • 4 seasons: 8%

How to purchase?

Go to our Marketplace, after the countdown you will have to connect to your wallet. If you are whitelisted, you will see the number of your claimable land is 1. Approve WANA then purchase. So you are now Wanaka Land owners.

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