$WANA listing on KyberDMM: Dynamic Trade Routing

We are excited to announce that $WANA listing on KyberDMM, Dynamic Trade Routing, Aggregating liquidity for Better Token Rates. Wanaka has chosen the high capital efficiency on KyberDMM DEX for better token liquidity on BSC.

KyberDMM DEX advantages:

  • Amplified Liquidity Pools: Higher capital efficiency for LP’s and better slippage for users compared to AMMs. LP’s can have the opportunity to earn much more fees relative to their contribution/capital size.
  • Dynamic Fees: Trading fees are adjusted dynamically according to on-chain market conditions.
  • Fully permissionless: Anyone can create a pool or add liquidity to existing pools, while any Dapp, DEX aggregator, or end-user can access this liquidity. KyberDMM is already integrated with 1inch, Paraswap, 0x, Matcha, and Slingshot, with more Dapps on the way.
  • Better Reliability & Security: Audited by Chain Security and insured up to $20M by Unslashed Finance.

About Kyber Network

Kyber Network aims to deliver a sustainable liquidity infrastructure for Defi. As a liquidity hub, Kyber connects liquidity from various protocols and sources (e.g., KyberDMM) to provide the best token rates to takers such as Dapps, aggregators, Defi platforms, and traders.

Through Kyber, anyone can contribute or access liquidity. Developers can build innovative applications, including token swap services, decentralized payments, and financial Dapps, helping create a world where any token is usable anywhere.

KyberDMM | KyberDMM Docs | Kyber Tracker | Twitter |Website

Start trading $WANA on KyberDMM now!



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