Wanaka Farm 01 year launch Anniversary — Quiz & Airdrop Event

Wanaka Farm
3 min readNov 3, 2022

Dear Wanaka Farm users and holders,

We are glad to announce that the Wanaka Farm project has passed its first year of development.Within the journey we have gone through together with many ups and downs, I would like to say a big thank to all of you for always trusting and hodl tight with us.


Celebrating the marking date of 01 year game launch anniversary on October 29th 2022, we are glad to bring you all the WanakaQuiz event that lasts from Oct 24th-28th that available at this link, details of the campaign are available on our official blog.

The Quiz game has finished on October 28th 7AM. Details of the Winner will be available early of November 2022 on our TG Announcement channels (ENG | ESP | VIE)


Celebrating with the larger crypto community out there, we have collaborated with Airdrop Detective giveaway community on Twitter and Telegram to host the Airdrop from Oct 24th until Nov 19th



  1. 200 $WANA for 1000 random valid participants, along with the top 10 referrers.
  2. The top 10 referrers will share 40,000 $WANA as follows:

🥇1st place 9000 WANA

🥈 2nd place 7000 WANA

🥉 3rd place 5000 WANA

🔹 4th place 3500 WANA
🔹 5th place 3000 WANA
🔹 6th to 10th place 2500 WANA

  • Step 01: Start chatting with the Wanaka Farm Giveaway chatbot on Telegram
  • Step 02: Do the following tasks, which include human verification and social follows.
  • Step 03: Submit your BEP20 Wallet and get the referral link to maximize your chance to win bigger prizes


Besides the Game events, we would like to invite you all to make a better connection with us by verifying your wallet through our new function powered by @Intract — our Web 3.0 CRM partner.

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This action will help us easier to communicate and support you all via real time notifications & alerts. Besides, our future actions could include even more incentives and special privileges offered to you. Take 1 minute to get it done right now.


Last but not least, the Wanaka Farm team is honored to be one amongst many choices offered to you, also we are confident that the project will keep on working until the day that we all get the deserved fruitful outcomes.

Regards and Thanks,

Trường Trần — CEO



Wanaka Farm

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