WANAKA Farm AMA — 10th Apr 2022

AMA with team — 15:00 UTC every Sunday on Discord Official

I think the economy will depend a lot on the attractiveness of the game, which we are looking to improve, also we have a plan to adjust the economy, everything will be clear soon when we have all the tools to make adjustments


I’m so sorry that it seems everyone is busy with a lot of work and even we are tired, Everyone asks us a lot about how to change the economy, but it’s clearly not something that happens overnight.

To adjust, there should be more tools in the game, the game must be more attractive, attract more audiences, instead of just targeting audiences who only play games for money (I think you understand)

Even if we can’t answer all of your questions, that doesn’t mean we stop at, we’re still trying, little by little.

If you want to ask us about a big change, then I think that’s what we’re going to do next (Multiplay, more fun, more connections) and we’re hoping it happens soon.


I think we pretty much done for today. Dev will try to write answers later.

It’s holiday in vietnam, most dev are busy with family and stuff. We managed the time to be here tonight. If there anything you might want to suggest, you can DM us.

Thank you and have a good weekend




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