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11 min readMay 28, 2022
AMA with team — 13:00 UTC Sunday every 02 weeks on Discord Official

Admin | Kim Chi: Hello friends, today our topic will be:

1. The pitching

2. Game update progress.

3. Other matters that you concern.

Hope you all have interesting questions and we’ll try to answer all your questions.

Let’s get start everyone!

CEO | Truong Tran:

Hello Farmers!

I’m Truong Tran CEO.

We meet again to discuss interesting things that have recently from Wanaka Farm.

Hope you all have a nice weekend with ours

CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Hi farmers, welcome all to the Chat with team today.

Admin | Kim Chi: Hello friends, today our topic will be:

1. The pitching

2. Game update progress.

3. Other matters that you concern.

Hope you all have interesting questions and we’ll try to answer all your questions.

Let’s get start everyone!

CEO | Truong Tran: Hello Farmers! I’m Truong Tran CEO.

We meet again to discuss interesting things that have recently from Wanaka Farm.

Hope you all have a nice weekend with ours

CTO | Thuan Nguyen: Hi farmers, welcome all to the Chat with team today.

Question: Hello team, thanks for being here once again.

Question: Good morning , what can you tell us about the pitching ? When will you get and answer?

→ Answer: It happened smoothly with great interest from the investors. They want to have more time study about our product and comparing in the market.

→ Next Respond: It is not understood what they are talking about… what is pitching and when did it happen between whom?

→ Next Respond: Ask more nicely. Dev could you explain to us what the pitching is about and how will it affect the future of Wanaka Farm and what benefit will it bring to wanaka farmers?

→ Answer: We talked about the milestones achieve, gameplay and how the mobile app strategy. I know that everyone is currious, But they have many projects to finish reviewing and give more conclusion.

Question: Hello boss, how about creating a NFT water well, which can supply water and can level up to give more water?

→ Answer: That is nice idea. We will think about it. Thank you!!

→ Next Answer: We actually have a water well in the game. It just doesn’t have a function for it yet.

Question: Hi ..I woukd like to know if the default owners Will be able to gain more than now….???? If there Will be good changes for USS.

→ Answer: Currently the default owner will not able to gain more.

→ Next Respond: More than nothing jeje..THX..but i think we Also put money in this Game ..and know they just have forgetton us..txs Any way.

Question: You also have a windmill, It could produce grain (food).

Answer: Noted

→ Next Answer: Tks! I have noted.

Question: hello fans of wanaka farms. I know that this game has great potential and that’s why I have an interesting proposal. I suggest that you can crossbreed various species of plants and animals, and maybe even animals with plants, fungi, insects, etc. The effects will be surprising and fun, it will encourage people to play not only for money, but for pure fun and curiosity what may arise. Of course, the most beautiful specimens can be sold so that on the basis of their DNA it is possible to start breeding a whole new variety of plants or animals, it can be downloaded as an NFT file for 3D printing such a haphazard and the most beautiful specimens can be printed on a 3D printer to have a beautiful NFT figurine (in the real world) for example, on a desk at work, it will be possible to collect such figures. Artificial intelligence can be used for crossbreeding, as artists do, e.g. using programs such as: https://aiartists.org/ai-generated-art-tools and e.g. https://www.artbreeder.com/ such mixing of genres animals, plants, fungi, etc. Can also be seen in a great SF movie — Annihilation — https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annihilation_(film) greetings from Poland Tomek.

→ Answer: @CPO | Sang Nguyen @Head of Development | Duc Hoang please note that idea.

→ Next Respond: I am very happy. Ps. if you need someone for 3D printing, I can help, please contact me privately.

Question:When the Wanatown Trials start, will we be able to see it on the Testnet?

→ Answer: Exactly, users can play on the testnet first, the team still working for this.

→ Next Answer: It is difficult to give an exact time. Since Wanatown is really big, we need to work carefully and hard, hope to have a demo soon for you guys.

→ Next Answer: Also you should follow Sneak Peek on the topic #Wanatown

Question: Hello team. Could you please add total value of staking tokens. It would be easier for us to keep track our property

→ Answer: @Dev | Hieu Nguyen noted.

Question: Hello, they always answer us when the game is ready we will take care of the economy. We would like to know what is the parameter to know that the game is ready?? We bet that this project is to last but we need reasons for hope that we have lost.

→ Answer: About Ecomony please tag CPO and CTO. Thanks!

→ Next Answer: Yes, we are still here to do it, the project will continue and get better and better.

Question: So we are a week away to the end of the month, basically you have a clear idea of what the next update is going to be. At what lvl land the new seeds are going to be able to grow ? What are the new quest ?

→ Answer: Next update focus on :

– New growing items (Required level land from 15 to 19 )

– New quests

– Open land

– And some small adjustment

→ Next Respond: That do you mean with “open land”? the wanatown test?

→ Next Answer: OpenLand → It will related to the feature that players will interact with other player’s land, like swap items.

→ Next Respond: Transfer items? will this lead to multi accounting where people with sub account transfer items to main account?

→ Next Answer: It opens up the interaction between the lands if the land user wants, we will describe it in more detail in the release note.

→ Next Answer: Open land will understand that a farming area will be published to sell tickets for other users to visit their garden, users can enter the garden freely, if there is a ticket, they can get free items or mutant items on the land there.

If that land is not open, no one can enter that land of yours. If you open your land, you can have friends visit to talk (chat system), you can sell entrance tickets so other users can harvest your growing items (including mutated items).

Question: Will there be an update this week?

→ Answer: We hope can release asap but maybe not this week but this month for sure.

Question: Are you guys waiting to finish the whole Wanatown before release the update ? Why dont you do it in two parts ? New quests , news seeds first, and then Wanatown.

→ Answer: Next update focus on :

– New growing items (Required level land from 15 to 19 )

– New quests

– Open land

– And some small adjustment

Question: Could you precisely define the topic “the pitching”…It is among the suggested topics to talk about in this space…Can I ask for a precise definition of topic number 1 about which we are invited to chat…Really It seems messy not to explain things well.

→ Answer: Please think simply that the Brinc and Animoca had a chance for investing in Wanaka Farm. It is a meeting online between them and us in presentation & q&a. We want to say in topic 1 that the pitching meeting was done and we are waiting for their feedback.

→ Next Respond: Was it positive? investors are happy with how the project is going?

→ Next Answer: Yes it was good.

Question: Since we have in the game’s graphic quality selector. Will we be able to see improved graphics in the future, with more rounded meshes and better textures for the ultra level of graphics? Without losing the style of the game of course.

→ Answer: Yes. For sure graphic we trying work better than better. But not Rounded meshes. This is our art direction of project.

Question: @CPO | Sang Nguyen @CTO | Thuan Nguyen Good morning, do you know what they are and when the necessary modifications will be implemented to correct the economy?

→ Answer: If you’ve joined to the recent AMAs, we’ve talked about external revenue stream, the adjustment of the economy maybe will start from there.

→ Next Respond: I came to all the housewives and I don’t know what information you are referring to, could you please explain to me??? Personally, I really need to make decisions about whether to stay or leave the project, and for that it is essential for me to know whether or not measures will be taken to improve the economy in the short term.

→ Next Answer: It’s not a short term plan, actually it’s how we’re try to build Wanaka :

– Make it better

– Make it viral

– Share Revenue for holder

I think we talked about Ads, IAP, Sponsor ads, concert… a lot of things ahead.

→ Next Respond: Can you tell me more about these new revenue for holders? What asset class will they be in? What income barriers will they have? What ROI will they have? What are the different options they are considering? @CPO | Sang Nguyen

→ Next Respond: Don’t be annoying, they already answered you. If you want to go, go and do not bother me anymore.

→ Next Answer: As i said, it’s not a short term plan, there’s still a lot to consider and do sorry, I can’t answer you in detail at the moment.

Question: How many new quest are going to be added? Are they going to have like a story, a series of quest before getting the reward?

→ Answer: Actually, we’re draft a tutorial for newbie Hope it turns out as you expected.

→ Next Respond: Do you have a tutorial for the new quests ? Is it ready to share ?

→ Next Respond: When can we get access to that tutorial ?

→ Next Answer: We are trying to move all information from wiki to the game, no need read wiki for newbie anymore, everything will be cleared in the game.

Question: Will wanaka be able to be financially sustainable in the future, be it with advertising, sponsors, etc, without the need for more people to come in for it to be sustainable?

→ Answer: We will achieve both. Ads and IAP will bring revenue to the team & operation server fee. Free to play will bring more organic users to try GameFi and “consume” the economy’s production.

The game economy can only survive with number of people come to play for entertainment and reinvest outnumbers the p2e purpose players.

→ Next Respond: I’m not sure I like this answer, If publicity and advertising can only pay server and team purposes, it would mean that the people who reinvest is losing the money against the people who is withdrawing. This is a play to earn, the more you reinvest the more you should be able to earn. If you are just saying that reinvestment is going to pay the people who plays just to earn means that without new player constantly this will die.

I thought advertising and companies would help wai founds and the price of wana to rise, not to pay just servers and team.

I haven’t withdrawn a single coin for the last 5 months or over, and I am aware that people is not reinvesting as much as I do it. But is it fair that someone who doesn’t reinvest can earn more than me? Maybe you need to think twice about the internal economy and don’t be another scam when people just get someone else money.

→ Next Answer: I will note this and answer.

→ Next Answer: I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here, revenue is not only to maintain the team but also to share with holders, that is normal even in the real world economy.

→ Next Answer: Thank you for your diamond hand. We know many of players here are supporting the project. And as we said in the vision of game, we prioritize invested players, and players with high investment will surely have more chance to earn. Dont misunderstand the point because of my short explanation to the answer.

Question: Devs with respect …We need you to stop avoiding questions about the economy and be direct on the road because trust is very damaged and it cannot always be recovered after a certain point ….Please tell us what are the economic measures to take in the short term or what term they consider will begin to improve the economy so that the owners can decide whether or not you want to continue waiting.

→ Answer: The economy needs to be improved step by step, not quickly. It is necessary to combine many solutions as well as the impact of the market.

→ Next Respond: I couldn’t agree more…The economy needs time to manifest the changes…That’s why I ask when these changes begin and what are they?

→ Next Answer: Yes that is your opinion and we respect it.

Question: I don’t usually worry about the price of the token because I agree with you that a good game is more important first. But… do we have enough money to continue working on the game for a long time?

→ Answer: With what investors invest from the beginning, we will try to use it in the most wise way.

Question: What about implementing this:

“Rent a Rooster” with this feature you have the ability to get alarms/notifications with a Rooster sound, every time : — Blue Rooster (Like a cop) Cost: $ Ready to harvest — Red Rooster (Like Inspector) Cost: $$ To give water/feed — Gold Rooster (Like Monopoly man) Cost: $$$ When you make a sale on wanatrade

All earnings on WAI or WANA and get burned.

→ Next Respond: Nice one. Tag CPO on these ideas @CPO | Sang Nguyen

→ Answer: It’s cool i noted.

Question: What about converting wana into wai inside the game or viseversa without the need of using pancakeswap?

→ Answer: Currently we have’nt plan for this yet, thanks!

→ Next Respond: It is a good idea, we could have a bank in wanatown, where we could make deposits (wai and wana) and earn interest (staking inside the game), and the bank can use that pool to make the conversion from wai to wana for a fee.

Question: What about the mini games ? Do you have a list? Can you share what kind of games are ?

→ Answer: We’re testing to try experiment some type of game like :

– Racing

– Fishing

– Survive

Question: Many of the tenants do not work the land, they only rent to have energy and sell water, food and petpower. They do not invest anything in the game. Do you plan to do something about it? Less than working the land.

→ Answer: Yes bro, there will be some adjust about quest may affect land tenants. In the long run, tenants will need to contribute something, one way or another.

For tonight chat, thank you a lot for the concerns and the challenges as well. It’s time to close and we will be back soon. Good night to you all!


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