WANAKA Farm AMA — 24th Apr 2022

Content lead | Farmer

Hello everyone, we can start the Chat now, in 90 minutes, we hope we all can answers a lot of questions from you guys~

Topics (prioritized):

Rental system run & issues

DAO execution


CEO | Truong Tran
Hello friends,

Nice to meet you in “chat with team”

I would like to introduce our team members join today

I’m @CEO | Truong Tran and @CTO | Thuan Nguyen @Head of Development | Duc Hoang , @Marketing | Leo Ngo @Dev | Binh Nguyen @Dev | Tien Luong @Dev | Hieu Nguyen @Content lead | Farmer

Question: When wanatown update?

Answer: Hello mate, we are working on it, it is a very big part, a lots of work to do. so I can not tell you exactly the date of release wanatown but we are trying our best on it.

About the rental system, What plans or ideas do you have in mind to encourage the renting in the game?

Answer: We have some plan already. but if you have any suggestion , don’t hesitate to tell us, you are welcome mate.
Next Answer: In order to encourage rental, we will perform related tasks. Special will have 1 story game involving stealing from each other.

Hello all, today we’re discussing these 3 main topics, the reason is to avoid repeated questions, but you can still ask other questions which not in these 3, we’ll try to answer. Today we have more time than usual.Take your time to draft all your questions or suggestions to the team. Thank you!


Question: When will the default land will finally the „demo version“ of the game so the main focus will totally on the NFT Lands. I think who that have no land should not have energy ( i mean not 0 i mean the energy screen should no exist) Because actually the d.landers can still rent lands with wai and have the money to buy salad so they can keep going the game.

Answer: we don’t think so, they can still rent land.
Next Answer: In the immediate future we want to push to the app store. Therefore, it will create a story game for free users to experience the game’s functions

Question: good morning, it was mentioned in the last ama that a new quest system was being worked on, can we expect that to be ready this week?

Answer: We will try to release it soon, but this time the number of positions will be very large, so it may take longer than expected and compared to previous versions, so I hope users will be patient.

Question: The UX of the project is not good. You should do a sprint on Wanaka, to solve the problems. Thank you for your time.

Answer: thank you. We know this problem already. We are reviewing and fixing the UX related to building. Then there are the UXs of the other sections

Next Answer: Thank you for your opinion, can you tell us more detail, which part you think is hard to use , to understand ?

Question: Will the rewards for staking wana be higher in the future?

Answer: we haven’t plans for this.

Question: Hello team. I’m just a investor in this game. I’m understand that you are hard working to bring the game to the moon but we need exactly what are your solutions to make wanaka farm great again than ever? Are there: — new more challenge quest — new missions — wanatown — mini game — pvp pet — multiplayers — currently farmers said that they’re boring because just farm and out the game, they need more challenge — — — please wana team, another farming game will kill you if you dont grow faster — — kindly forgive me if this is a answered question we just need more confident as well as trust to buy the fuking dip Wana again and again.

Answer: to prepare to make app available on appstore and ggplay, there are a lot of work to do, as you know, store has many policies so we must change the game in many parts, then wait for reviewing from store. so this month we can not complete it.
Next Answer: answer is YES, i like that aggression of yours
that sounds tremendous… very bullish… will that pass this month?

Question: Apart from the fact that the economy makes people want to play less and less, on mobile it is not pleasant to play because the numbers are too small, for example.

Answer: you are right, we will fix it to be easier to use on mobile.

Question: Can you please update the roadmap at the webpage? Thanks — When will the next update takes place? Thanks

Answer: Yes will do next week, thank you

Question: What do you think about: “Rent a Rooster” with this feature you have the ability to get alarms/notifications with a Rooster sound, every time : — Ready to harvest — To give water/feed — When you make a sale on wanatrade All earnings on WAI or WANA and get burned

Answer: like your opinion

Question: Since you are used to hearing criticism and questions, I simply wanted to congratulate you for your efforts to continue improving. keep in that way

Answer:thank you so much, we are trying to make it better day by day.

Question: How possible is that you can sell WAI and WANA on the website? , with the option to pay with Mastercard, Visa and PayPal, and the user gives you their metamask address and they receive the coins after payment to start playing, This helps the curve of learning how to play on the blockchain and we welcome a lot of new users.

- Answer: I like this opinion

Question: My proposal is that: they should study the situation of the game (number of players who own land, deaults and multi-accounts) before implementing new features, such as rents. The rental system is very, very good, its implementation is a disaster, very bad. The worst was the lack of reaction, since from minute 1 it was shown how disastrous it was and nothing was done to save the Wai.

Answer: Land rental is just the beginning. Next we will develop functions related to it to improve wai usage and creation. Right now we focus on wanatown and multi-player. Of course, even with the market going down like today, we can’t see the effect immediately, hope you understand and contribute with us to improve the game economy together.

Question: How possible is that you can sell WAI and WANA on the website? , with the option to pay with Mastercard, Visa and PayPal, and the user gives you their metamask address and they receive the coins after payment to start playing, This helps the curve of learning how to play on the blockchain and we welcome a lot of new users

Answer: Absolutely, in-app purchases like when you’re playing a game downloaded from Appstore. We’re working on that, also one of our aim is to deliver the game to traditional gamers not only crypto users.
Next Answer: Thanks for your suggestion. We also have ideas to create similar items. But time is quite short, so we have not pushed those features out yet.

Question: the rental system is doing well the DAO too but the community wants news… and if possible new dates data… sorry but I really wanted to say it

Answer: We will think about creating channels to publicize the necessary information for all users to know

Question: Will the quest be changed this week with the new items?

Answer: new growing item and new quests are processing, wait for us mate.

Question: Do not you think that the right thing would have been to limit the number of land for rent? Like for example only the lands of a level higher than 15?? And monitor how the market behaved and gradually open the system to everyone? Don’t you think that the system was launched very badly since they flooded the market with offers? If to this I had added missions of new items to “invite” to level up the lands?

Answer: It’s quite difficult to let level 15 be rented out. Currently, only 1 slot can be rented until lvl 9. We will think more about the economic situation and the upcoming quest system. We will think and release new items related to level up land to increase market demand

Question: Any news for this week please?

Next Question: It is not to put new items for us to raise the lands, it is to use those items to make them worth something to raise them. Right now it is not worth leveling them up.

Next Question: About the WANATOWN: are you considering make some professions like: fisherman, hunter, blacksmith etc?

Next Question: Thanks. I can’t imagine how big your backlog is . 1 week or 2w sprints?

Next Question: Welcome friends I have four RARE lands which I play and they are placed on the map but I have one UNCOMMON land which is in INVENTORY and on this land I cannot play or lease it. When are you going to be able to play on more than four lands? or when will I be able to lease my land located in INVENTORY ??

Answer: no, the current mechanic has to rent out the land on the map. When there is a jungle land, we will increase to more than 4 slots. eg 8 or 16. Currently not possible.

Question: Do you have any ideas or upcoming dates for the next update?

Answer: Have no specific date for the next update yet, stay tunned form our ANN

Question: How do you plan to fix the disaster in the economy that you yourself caused? The pools are already with little liquidity, there is no entry of new players, there are no investors, the game is boring and not profitable at all, the rentals were a total failure. The same thing is happening to this project as to several games that were forgotten. How do you plan to raise this if there is no trust in the community and nobody wants to invest?

Answer: thanks for your opinion

What you say it is reflective of the overall state of the market, we together must try to overcome it, it’s call bear to build , we are still working hard and developing many exciting new features along with the new player marketing plan

Answer: I don’t think the rental system is a failure, it make the reliance from d.lander to land owner, except the things 02 sides cannot comunicate now and the rental price is low.

As you see we are working on the App Store Listing & quest mechanism & multiplayer at the same time.

Please think about it

Question: Have you thought about external advertising in Wanatown (in the square, giant screens, billboards) to increase the income of the game?

Answer: that is very good idea ,mate

Question: Thanks. I cant imagine how big your backlog is . 1 week or 2w sprints?

Answer: normally will be 2 weeks 1 sprint. But due to the complexity of the function, that can be extended to 3 weeks.

Question: You always have said that the economical issues are not your priority — You focus on the game. And that’s why little by little you are “creating” the game because it is in beta. — — When will the game 100% finished?Thanks

Answer: Point is, to develop the whole game ecosystem. and we’ve never said economy is not our priority

Question: In Wanatown, will our lands be around them or will we travel from our lands to Wanatown?

Answer: we will travel to wanatown

Answer: Besides designing functions, we will listen to users, experts on economic related issues combined with the actual situation of the current market to adjust and improve. We can’t have an immediate effect

Answer: Looks like you are mistake! we’ve never said the economical issues are not our priority

Question: What you say is a joke. Without the entry of new players and investors this is not going to get off the ground. No one wants to invest in a game that is unprofitable and boring

Answer: I don’t like your tone, try to be polite to the dev. I know this is your 2nd account, why you even try to get in here every weekend

Question: I agree with you it is very boring. We need a story or something like that. At this moment it is always the same plant, feed and harvest

Answer: Have you ever played any farm games yet before? plant, feed and harvest are part of Farm game and it’s repetitive

Next respond: Of course mate. I started with Farmville a lot of years ago.

Next Answer: Thank so much guy, we are still developing and improving step by step.

Question: I think roadmap the team is following is correct but more information is needed to keep the community going

Answer: That’s why we have the chat with team and put all the records on our blogs. More micro actions are taken but it is a burden to publish all as our time is limited to focus on finishing everything and show everyone a nice game play & smooth operation)

Next respond: I think kind the same… maybe even delete any filters in Wana trade and let the offers appear in order of creation to motivate buyers to browse several pages until they find the best deal for them.

Question: I like FARM TOGETHER

I like Wanaka that’s why I’m here, but we need a story. The game must be attractive and funny

Next Answer: yeah, a story, I understood, noted mated.

Constructive criticisms are welcome, try to talk nicely to dev team. We’re all here to chat casually. Marketing | Leo Ngo

Question: are you considering have partnership with some brands in wanakatown? like COCA COLA or similar

in long run, Yes. That why we did have our partner logos in game last christmas events. That’s one of potential revenue
Next Answer:
Yes we have, that is great idea to build Wanaka metaverse

Question: Team let me ask if there is a new quest system this month

Answer: it is processing. maybe we need 2 weeks from now.

Question: Howchicken/duck races going to work? — Will It be a bet system between players or how?

Answer: wanatown will have many games between players. the winners will have the reward from others.

Question: Although today I have made a lot of questions and sometimes the question/answer is not easy, I want to THANK YOU for the chat with team today — You are answering almost all that questions. — THANK YOU

Answer: Thank you all for today. have a good night, we’re closing in 5 minutes

Question: And are you thinking about creating a level player system? I see It is the second option with most votes on the DAO

Answer: You can find the gold, silver, Bronze ranking in-game base on Wanaka Point. We will implement it soon in next updates

Question: Hello team, i have two suggestions about the rental system menu: 1) Can you fix the issue when we select a offer to see details, and then going back resets the filters we chose earlier? Its a bit frustrating to apply filters on every land I see. — put slots to rent to see how many wai has the renter generated after the contract is over? That would give the land owner a look into the cost/ 2) Is there a way to give land owners who enefit ratio and maybe adjust the price in wana accordingly.

Answer: yeah , you are right, we will improve it.

Next Answer: I think you will be eager to chat with our rentee

That’s all for today. Thank you a lot everyone~ see you soon in next 02 weeks. I hope you all enjoy the farming and have more questions next time!

For the rest unanswered and flooded questions, please visit: https://discord.com/channels/869509196935200768/920671801393152010

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