Wanaka Farm Official Launch

The thing we’ve been waiting for the most in the past month has finally come; we officially announced today, October 29, Wanaka Farm will officially be released at 14:00 PM UTC.
This initial release is for Windows only, the macOS version will be released shortly after.

We’ll have a countdown clock on our Official website to reveal Game download link ;)

Anyone who has participated in the beta test will know the steps to register an account before entering the game. You need to go to the link below to register for an account.

>>>>Register link<<<<<

You must create an account first.

Deposit amount of $WANA and $WAI you want into the game, and you will have to deposit your own lands into the game (maximum number of 4 lands). Once entering the game, you will see that land has opened will be displayed in the Map section. The land in the deposit box will be displayed in the Treasury section. You can unpack your land box in-game.

>>>>Deposit link<<<< (it’ll be active at launch time)


  • Deposited lands will be locked in, can’t be withdrawn back to wallet for seven days.
  • WanaTrade won’t be functional/activated at this stage, FT items will be tradable later. For each account, you can only buy up to 3 seed packs to start playing the game. So you might need to do some calculations to maximize profits at this early stage.

In-Game Celebration events: Huge $WAI reward

To celebrate our Official game launch, Wanaka Farm will run 03 special events in-game for our very first players to join. This is your chance to earn a big bag of $WAI tokens.

Event No1: Welcome New Farmers

Welcoming new farmers to set their first step in Wanaka Farm, let’s join in this simple quest to earn double $WAI rewards in daily pursuit.

Duration: 29/10–29/11

Event No2: Daily Check-in

As simple as it sounds, daily checking in your farm to gain an engaging reward. You have to unlock the Daily Check-in event with 3 $WANA.

Duration: 29/10–08/11

Event No3: Wanaka Harvest Festival

As an annual festival, Wanaka Farm Harvest Festival is where farmers will showcase their best-Harvested Items. Bring your best-Harvested Items to win a prize of 5000 $WAI for each category (cabbage, apple, koin fish, and cow).

  • Prioritize weight first, then quality.
  • In case both stats are equal, we will select the first one!

Duration: 29/10–29/11

Happy farming and Welcome to Wanaka, folks!!



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Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm

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