Wanaka Farm Private Sale Competition

Wanaka Farm is really happy to inform to you The Wanaka Farm’s Private Sale Competition.

Many of you have asked about investing in our private sale, we are listening to our community and to our early supporters. So we’re offering the opportunity to those who spread the word ands believe in our vision.

In fact, we’re launching a series of Competitions to allocated 4500$ worth of $WANA tokens (at private price).

All you need to do is joining and engaging in WANAKA Community over the coming weeks. Be creative!

How to participate?

We’ll be running 3 Competitions in the lead up to our IDO’s date.

You can choose to participate in as many as you’d like for the chance to be a part of our exclusive community sale and reserve your $WANA.

  1. Most Engaged on Telegram

Total prize pool: $1500 in $WANA

Competition begins from August 1st and ends August 21th

The top 10 most-engaged people in our telegram group will receive a share of 1500$ in $WANA allocation.

The most-engaged community members will be decided by the total number of messages posted between August 1st to August 21th.

>>> Wanaka Official Telegram channel<<<<

We’ll only count comments that genuinely engage with our community on Telegram. Spamming will get you disqualified !

Prizes breakdown

1st — 5th most engaged 200$ allocation each

6th — 10th most engaged 100$ allocation each

2. Best Twitter posts

Total Prize pool 1500$ in $WANA

Competition begins from 7th and ends on August 21th

This one is all about Twitter. We’ll be rewarding community members who Tweet about Wanaka Farm with a split of 1500$ in $WANA allocation.

We want to see Tweets so good we can’t help but share them. But what should you tweet? Well that’s up to you! Anything you think will catch our eye, benefit our community.

Remember to tag us @Wanaka_Farm and use the hashtag/cashtags #WanakaFarm, #WanakaCommunity, $WANA.

Prizes breakdown

1st — 5th best tweets 200$ allocation each

6th — 10th best tweets 100$ allocation each

3. Wanaka Sticker competitions

Competition begins from12th and ends on August 21th

Total prize pool 1500$ in $WANA

You can compete in one or both sticker competitions.

3.1 Wanaka Sticker Ideas

Write down your most creative Wanaka sticker Ideas, post it on your twitter and tag us @Wanaka_Farm and use the hashtag/cashtags #WanakaFarm, #WanakaStickerIdeas, $WANA.

5 best ideas will be chosen and the creation sticker competition will start based on those ideas. Don’t limit your creativity, we want to read the funniest, craziest ideas. Competition starts from 1st- ends on7th August.

Prizes breakdown

1st — 5th best ideas $100 of $WANA allocation each

3.2 Wanaka Sticker Competition

Based on the chosen ideas, you can design 1 or more stickers of Wanaka. Competition begins from 12th and ends on 21st August. Please be creative!

Post it on twitter and tag us @Wanaka_Farm and use the hashtag/hashtags #WanakaFarm, #WanakaSticker, $WANA.

Prizes breakdown

1st — 5th best stickers $200 of $WANA allocation each

GOOD LUCK to all Wanaka Fam!


This is NOT an airdrop giveaway. Participants are competing for the chance to receive token allocation and take part in our private sale.

All winners will be required to KYC for prize eligibility if winning allocation.

We cannot include any participants from high risk and other monitored juridictions on the website of Financial Action Task Force, including Albania, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Uganda, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

If you are a citizen of one of the following countries and win our competition, we will issue your reward in $USDT only: People’s Republic of China, South Korea, United States of America.




www.wanakafarm.com is an unique NFT P2E blockchain based game where people can own their virtual lands and other NFT items.

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Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm

www.wanakafarm.com is an unique NFT P2E blockchain based game where people can own their virtual lands and other NFT items.

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