Wanaka Farm virtual lands-your most valuable NFT property: Introduction

Wanaka Farm
4 min readSep 29, 2021

Welcome to the Wanaka Farm Lands!

Wanaka Farm has been a unique blockchain and NFT game. Today we're happy to introduce you to our most valuable lands NFTs property, designed to play, collaborate in our Wanaka Farm world.

We’ll give you a quick sneak peek at the overall idea in this article about our lands.

Type of lands

There are different types land’s environtement. The Basic land will be the first to be launched.

For each land, players can experience up to 4 seasons

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

The maximum number of seasons that are attributed to each land is randomly set. Only specific growing items can be farmed on each land according to the seasons supported in each land. By consequence, players are encouraged to trade items that are not available on their land on Marketplaces. This trading mechanism should indirectly boost the game’s economy.

Land’s Rarities and influences

Rarities of land

There are also 6 rarities of land: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical and Immortal. Each land contains the percentage of two attributes: Reducing time of growth and percentage of mutation.

Based on the rarity of land you own, harvesting time will be shorten. The rarity also helps to buff the mutation rate on your land. (Common land still has the default mutation rate from the start.)


Imagine, with season attributes, lands in Wanaka can only raise and grow particular products. For example, products in the tropics will not be able to grow in cold environment. Here are the chance rate of season one land could has:

  • 1 season: 8%
  • 2 seasons: 60%
  • 3 seasons: 24%
  • 4 seasons: 8%

Land's Levels

Farming slots

Upgrading land does not change the rarity nor the season(s) attributed on your land. Leveling up for land only increases the number of farming slots and unlocks new items for farming.

Mutated Items

Mutated Cabbages

Once you start farming, it might give you mutated items, once mutated that item will not be able to breed or produce anymore. However, you can replant it on the land as a form of staking.
Each mutated item has 2 factors of quality as well as weight, these 2 factors depend on whether you take care of watering / feeding frequently or not.

Quality and weight will determine the total amount of a certain $WAI that it will generate on your land. However, this $WAI will be daily generated and will stop when fully paid to you.
In addition, when you own certain special mutated items, you will have the right to participate in our events and mini games.
When mutated items no longer produce $WAI, when there is a special trade-in Event you can use the required number of your mutated items in exchange for a new mutated items. (e.g you could use 3 of your mutated items exchange for new one)

Default Land

Default Land

This is probably biggest question from many people

Can player without land can join the game?

The answer is Yes, you can !

However, there will be no Free-to-Play. You’ll still have to invest $WANA in order to open 4 plots on Default Land (Field, Planting, Pond, Farming).

After that, like many other farmers, you still have to invest to buy seeds and stuff which available in Wanashop. Default Land also has the ability to produce mutated items.
There are also a few daily quests taking place on default land for all players.

That’s it folks, Happy farming!



Wanaka Farm

www.wanakafarm.com is an unique NFT P2E blockchain based game where people can own their virtual lands and other NFT items.