#WanaReact Videos Contest

Best Unpacking Reaction videos

Hello Wanaka farmers, our first landsale event has ended. To celebrate this event, we decided to create the BEST #WanaReact videos contest. For better preparation for this fun event, we would like to postpone the unpacking time a little bit more, the specific time of Unpacking will be announced later.

As you know, Unpacking is always an exciting part, bringing a lot of mixed emotions to everybody. We’d like to know your reactions when Unpacking your very first Wanaka land pack, let’s record that moment in a video.

Those who do not own land, could go to the marketplace of Wanaka or Babylons to purchase one. OR you can still participate in the event by reacting to other people’s videos.

Once you’ve recorded the video, post it on your social media and don’t forget to tag us @wanaka_farm , #WanaReact and $WANA.

Then fill you video link in this FORM

10 Best #WanaReact Videos will be selected by us, and awarded 50 $WANA each Video.

Submission period: From September 27 to October 4 (0:00 UTC)

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